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The best leadership coaches are masters of their lifestyles

Updated: Feb 10

Master Your Lifestyle    

As I poured into this chapter the mantras that have enabled me to have emotional freedom, I can’t help but wonder whether these will be enough to inspire anyone to live life to the fullest. I ask myself if these words will positively impact someone to believe that they can lifestyle. To me, being a master lifestyler means that you understand you have full control of how you spend your time and money. It means that you are in a constant state of flow, where you are presented with different choices, and it is in those decisive moments that you feel empowered to move left, right, backward, or forward. It is in those moments that you know whatever happens next depends only on you. It is then that you feel empowered. That you feel emotionally free. I don’t know whether I will be chosen to participate in The Amazing Race; I don’t know that if I do, I won’t be kicked out first; I don’t know that if I don’t get kicked out first I will win. What I do know is that I made the choice to submit my application, no matter what happens after that. Please understand that emotional freedom also lies in the ability to detach yourself from the results; to be able to fully commit yourself to something no matter what happens next. I have watched how very successful people disassociate themselves from the results, and this allows them to be in a constant state of equanimity. They understand that even when they feel an intense emotion, good or bad, they should find a way to level up their emotions. Detaching yourself from the results not only makes it easier to go for it but also allows you to maintain emotional balance. I constantly work on having what I call, the Great reaction, where no matter what, I say to myself, Great. I got a new client. Great. I lost the game. Great. I lost money on that deal. Great. That simple word is so powerful. Just saying, “Great” releases serotonin and improves my mood. It brings me back to a balanced state from which I can only move forward. I have one wish for you: to find courage! The courage to decide you’re going to do it your way; and that is scary, so you have to be brave. And to be brave you need to find emotional freedom.

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