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Professional Keynote Speakers have more than 24 hours in a day

There Are More than Twenty-four Hours in a Day  


One reason many people don’t achieve      emotional      freedom is because they compartmentalize time. No, I am no Einstein, and I am not here to teach you the law of relativity. I am simply sharing how I live timeless. This is a bit of an oxymoron for me, since I am the kind of person who is never late, who as a professor, gets mad when students hand in assignments late. So yes, I own a watch and a calendar, however, I am not limited by a      twenty-four-hour day. I adopted this idea when I started building my business in different time zones, from Europe to Australia to South America. Some days I would be working in the future and sometimes in the past. This made me realize that I can manipulate time to work to my advantage. I could actually bend time so that my days would be as long or as short as I wanted them to be. Time became an irrelevant measure in achieving my goals. This gave me a sense of freedom, and it released a lot of the stress I was feeling of getting things done in a day. In that moment, I understood that we give ourselves deadlines thinking that there are only a certain number of hours in a day, however, that is not true. You can have as many hours as you want. You can make a thirty-three-hour      day or a nine-hour      day. How freeing and empowering is this? I encourage you to shift your thinking by taking your mind out of this compartment of time as you know it and create your own. It will free you emotionally!

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