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As a top transformational coach and corporate speaker, let me tell you how to live in a constant state of Emotional Freedom

Updated: Jan 27

By the time I am done writing this blog, I would have found out whether or not I will be running The Amazing Race Israel. Yes, that’s right!

Now, this is what most of you might be thinking: Are you crazy? That’s cool, but how can you take a month off? You are going to leave your family for that long? You’re fifty! Are you in shape? Aren’t you afraid of everything?

Yes , yes , yes,  and yes !

These have been the comments and questions I have consistently heard from other people about my life in general.

People often wonder and praise me for having time to do everything I do. For being a hurricane, as one of my good friends calls me.

I consider myself the master of lifestyling.

But, a few years back I started to wonder if I am in fact doing too much and losing sight of the most important thing in my life: my family.

And it was around that time, coming back from a convention, that my oldest son asked me: “Mami, how do you do everything you do?”.

I first checked if he was asking because he felt I didn’t have enough time for them.

He said, “Absolutely not.” In fact, he was amazed that with everything I do, I always made time for them.

I felt happy, relieved, and proud all at once.

But how is it, then, that I manage to do everything I do? How is it that I can literally have the cake and eat it too?

Believe me, I have asked myself that question many times, but I never really took the time to answer it. I never had the opportunity to dig deep and discover how and why am I able to sustain a constant rhythm in my life that allows me to pretty much do what I most want when I most want it.

How is it that I can juggle so many things at once and still manage to be present to the most precious people in my life ?

When the opportunity to co-author this book came around, I saw this as the space I needed to figure out what my secret was to lifestyling.

Well, I found it.

The secret: emotional freedom.

So in the next blogs, I will share with you what I now know to be the mantras that have allowed me to live in this constant state of emotional freedom.

Remember, these are my ideas, based on my experience. I invite you to open up your eyes, your ears, your mind, and your heart and take from these what serves you.

I am your best personal and professional development coach near you, in person or online.

If you found value here you should see what I can do as a top motivational and corporate speaker at your next event or conference! Contact me here:

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