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As an inspirational keynote speaker, I can convince you that it is always the right time

It’s Always the Right Time    

One      husband,      four children, running a business, teaching      seven courses in college, investing in real estate, working out, playing volleyball twice a week, working on a new business app with my children…does that sound like a full schedule? (     You see why I don’t live in a twenty-four-hour      day!) So imagine how I felt      when I was approached to write a chapter in this book! Yup. Most people’s first instinct would have been to think,      It is not a good time. Well, I have learned that it is never the right time. So, if it’s never the right time, by mathematical default, it must always be the right time! Say that three times out loud: It is always the right time! Liberating, isn’t it? That’s how I see it, and that gives me emotional freedom.

We can’t time when opportunities present themselves. They just do. And if you understand that this is how life is, you will always be in a state of flow. This will also provide you with more abundance and the expectation that great things are coming to you.      If this doesn’t make you feel excited, it might be a good idea to start living life as an infinite game. Simon Sinek explains: In infinite games, like business or politics or life itself, the players come and go, the rules are changeable, and there is no defined endpoint. There are no winners or losers in an infinite game; there is only ahead and behind. When you limit yourself by how much you can do and when, this restricts you from learning and experiencing new things. I have seen people getting comfortable with what they have and where they are, and because of that, they have lost the ambition to continue to grow,      personally and professionally. They are so comfortable with the fact that they have      three hours every night to watch Netflix      that they don’t want to mess with that schedule. And they convince themselves there is not enough time to take on anything else. My mentor challenged me once to track everything I do, every hour of every day. I was convinced that my schedule would be completely full (you saw everything I do!) To my surprise, I discovered I had more free time than I thought. So I started watching more Netflix. I’m kidding. I added an extra hour a day to prospect more clients. I used to think that being overwhelmed was bad for you since it means to be overcome by emotions. I have discovered, however, that when I am overwhelmed, I experience an intense sense of emotional freedom. I’m in the zone. This energy causes me to fire o     n all cylinders, and in fact, some of my best results in my business have come when I have been overwhelmed.

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