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An inspirational speaker will make you Feel It into the Future

Feel it into the Future      

Some of the most important decisions in my life I’ve made by looking a few years ahead and digging into how I would feel if I didn’t do something; would I regret it? If the answer was yes, then I would know exactly what I needed to choose. This technique has served me very well, and it has allowed me to live a life with almost      no regrets. And I say almost because there is only one time in my life that I regret not doing something. After I finished my service as a lieutenant in the Israeli Army, I      planned to take      a      six-     month      trip to South America with my best friend. I ended up bailing on her. I decided to come to Canada for my brother’s wedding      and visit with my parents, who I haven’t lived with since I was      seventeen. That visit has lasted for      twenty-seven years.           I met my husband in university, and      four kids later, here I am. Now, this was, as we say in Yiddish, beshert     —meant to be. And I know that. However, I do regret not making that trip. All in all, not bad to only have that one regret after fifty      years, right?

W     e are faced with all kinds of decisions every day. When you are able to see yourself in the future and dig into that gut feeling of, would I regret it or not, you will be able to make decisions easily and faster. And faster is important. How many times have you sat on making a decision only to find out that by the time you decided, you missed that opportunity. I have seen many people miss out on fun and professional opportunities because they overthought things,      they cared too much about what others would say, or they were waiting for that permission slip. And, man, did they ever regret that. People who live in a constant state of emotional freedom      are able to make decisions fast. I never get caught in the details of the how or why or who. I make a decision and figure out the details later. Some might think this is too impulsive and might lead      to making mistakes. And they are right. But here’s the thing. I am a risk taker, and I am not afraid of making mistakes, failing, or being disappointed. I am more afraid of living with regret. Living with that feeling of what if. Living thinking,      Darn, I wish I did!      How many of those I wish I did, I wish I had, I wish I listened…do you have? Probably one too many. I refuse to live with regrets. I make sure I don’t miss out on much. I have an open mind to be present and learn about new things. I want to always be discovering new opportunities, personally and professionally. I think this is part of living life to the fullest. FOMO, baby! This might seem a bit too hyperactive. However, being clear on my mission and vision allows me to stay focused and grounded and make decisions that are right for me.

My vision is to positively impact everyone I touch;      it is about creating a world where nobody gets left behind, so we can all live in a state of possibility, abundance, and fun. You see, if your vision is not clear, you might find yourself overwhelmed when presented with an opportunity. It might even confuse you      and push you into making the wrong decision for fear of missing out. But when you are grounded      in your mission and vision, when you are clear about your values, you will be able to quickly identify what things you say no to      and which you go for. Without any regrets. I heard Oprah once say that the universe whispers to you very softly, and if you’re lucky it might sometimes slap you; but if you’re not paying attention, you will miss out. Remember, opportunities are not lost, they are simply given to someone else.

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