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I am a professional speaker who works with organizations to foster an environment where work and life seamlessly integrate and employees thrive as passionate ambassadors. 

My name is Shiri Gabriel and over the past 20 years I have found that the secret to having an AWESOME LIFESTYLE

lies in our ability to have 


"In a world where impactful mentors are rare gems, Shiri shines brightly. Without a doubt, I credit much of my newfound confidence and empowerment to her guidance. If you're seeking a business coach who is not only knowledgeable and skilled but also compassionate and supportive, I wholeheartedly recommend Shiri to anyone ready to embrace their full potential and achieve remarkable results." Jennifer Axelrod, CFE


One of my favorite activities is to sit at a coffee shop and stare at people. Not in a creepy way, but simply for the purpose of guessing their stories. I am fascinated by people and I am a really good listener. So it is no surprise that strangers will tell me their life stories in the first few minutes of meeting me.
I can make friends instantly and I am very good at getting people to like me and trust me, very fast.
I guess this is why I do what I do. And this is why I LOVE doing what I do.

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  • Network like a pro

  • Lifestyle like a boss

  • Develop a leader's mindset

  • Live emotionally free

  • Be the master of your domain

  • Sell the right way


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